How best to clean black granite worktop

Black granite is an extremely attractive material when it comes to worktops in your home. This is particularly true if you have just the right fixtures in your home to compliment the black finish. In many cases, pairing a dark worktop with light coloured furniture helps create the perfect look. That said, some homeowners are concerned about just how they can keep their black granite looking great.

First things first, black granite is still granite so you should treat it exactly the same as you would any other stone. In other words, always use chopping blocks, never place hot pots and pans directly on the surface and always use non-abrasive, pH neutral, stone safe cleaning products and a soft cloth. After cleaning, make sure that you dry your worktops off to prevent watermarks.

Dust has a way of showing up more prominently on any black or dark surface. This can be easily solved by giving your worktops a quick dust with a soft cloth. If you are concerned about disinfecting your granite surfaces, you will be pleased to know that sealed granite is not susceptible to the penetration of bacteria. If you still wish to disinfect, you can use a gentle antibacterial dishwashing liquid with warm water or you can ask your stone provider about the best solution suitable for use on black granite.

The key decision that you need to make is whether to opt for polished or honed granite. Honed granite tends to show oil-like marks quite easily whereas polished granite hides marks a lot better and can be easier to clean.