Choosing the right contractor to install worktops

Ordering the right worktops for your kitchen or bathroom can be tough enough. Not to mention the tricky task of installing them. It’s not only about experience but also the special tools and techniques that allow professionals to get the job done right and in record time!

When choosing a contractor to install stone worktops, make sure that you do your homework and don’t simply select the first one you come across in the phone book or online. Start by searching for local professionals and establish their physical address. If they do not have a physical address, it can certainly be a red flag.

Ask your friends and family for any recommendations. You don’t necessarily need to hire a friend or relative but you might know somebody who has recently installed worktops and they could offer some insight.

Finally, do some research online and find out what others have to say. Check customer reviews on independent review websites. They should also offer some kind of guarantee on their work so that if any damage occurs, you can follow the correct steps to have the problem remedied.