Limestone vs Slate for kitchen worktops

Both limestone and slate are popular options for kitchen worktops. There really is nothing like the elegance and style that a natural stone brings to your home. Of course the initial investment will seem substantial to start with but you will enjoy the benefits from day one! Not only will your kitchen feel more luxurious but it will also add to the value of your home.

If you are trying to decide between limestone and slate worktops for your kitchen, you may have already done some research regarding prices. Prices of each product vary depending on the quality of the stone. In many cases, slate can prove slightly cheaper. Of course, a high quality slate will cost more than a low or medium quality limestone. So, since the prices are so closely matched, it’s a good idea to weigh the other pros and cons.

Limestone gives your home a very natural look and it is available in several colours. Limestone maintains its natural appearance thanks to its matt finish. Of course, it is quite porous so you should enquire about initial sealing and regular sealing as part of a maintenance plan.

Slate is wonderfully durable and, apart from grey, is available in a few different colours including cyan, purple and green. It’s not quite as porous as limestone but it’s still advisable to seal it in order to prevent any damage.

In most cases, your choice will come down to style and how you wish to design your kitchen. These stones are both aesthetically appealing but yet very different. It’s often best to create two plans (one with each stone) and compare the results with all the kitchen furniture and finishings before choosing the winner.