Can granite worktops be scratched?

When choosing new worktops for your kitchen, you most likely want the most durable and beautiful of them all. Granite has remained a popular choice for many years and it’s no wonder when you consider just how tough they are.

There is no doubt that granite worktops are beautiful but how do they hold up in a busy kitchen? Firstly, granite is a natural stone which means that it’s as tough as they come. On Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, granite has a rating of 7. When you consider that diamonds are rated 10, it really puts things into perspective!

While your granite worktops are not prone to damage, they are not exactly immune either. These surfaces can be scratched if they are not treated with a certain degree of respect. If you cut directly on this surface, you will dull the knife and, over time, you will probably start to notice fine scratches at least. Granite is difficult to scratch but it’s not impossible. This is why we recommend that you never chop directly on this stone worktop and you should also avoid placing hot items directly on this surface.

On the plus side, it’s good to remember that scratches are not the end of the world. They can be fixed and, if they are not too deep, you could even perform the repairs yourself.