Quartz Worktops are as Popular as Ever

If you are considering installing quartz worktops in your kitchen, you might be interested to know why this specific stone is so popular. Quartz worktops are made by combining quartz and resin. They are engineered with precision so that you can enjoy maximum strength and beauty.

Not only is quartz non-porous, but it’s also durable and really resistant to scratches.Colour pigment is added to the composition during the manufacturing process. This means that there are plenty of colour options when it comes to quartz and we don’t need to rely on nature alone. Another characteristic of quartz worktops is the fact that they have a natural sparkle to them. Even if the colour seems quite matte, that sparkle will highlight the gorgeous features of this stone.

While they are low maintenance and they are not easily damaged, it is important to always protect any stone surface. This means that you should always wipe up any spills right away and never chop directly on your stone worktops. It’s also good to avoid placing hot items like pots and pans straight on this surface. Even though it might only cause surface damage or discolouration, prevention is the best approach.

Quartz worktops are an investment. When you choose quartz, you are choosing style as well as a type of stone that will stand the test of time while boosting the appeal and value of your home.