Greatest challenges when installing natural stone worktops

Many homeowners agree that installing natural stone worktops comes with its fair share of challenges. It’s these reasons that make so many people opt for a professional installation rather than the DIY approach.

The first major challenge is the weight of the worktops. No matter the type of natural stone you choose, there is no doubt that it will weigh a fair amount. Carrying a slab on your own is not advisable and, in many cases, not possible. Not only will you risk injury but you could break the slab.

Another challenge involves getting the worktops to fit properly. A perfect fit is important in order to avoid any unnecessary stress on various areas. This means that it needs to be perfectly level. If installed on a slant, it increases the risk of damage.

Finally, when you have a professional install these worktops, you don’t need to worry about buying all the necessary tools. Special tools are required in order to level and secure each slab in place. Without these tools, installation will be difficult, more time-consuming, and the results may leave much to be desired.