How Much Overhang Do Your Worktops Need?

Kitchen worktops require at least some overhang even around your sink and above the cabinets. Not only is this important for the visual effect, but also for practicality. Imagine trying to chop vegetables on a surface that is flush with the cabinet below. You will be forced to stand further away from the work surface because your feet will bump into the cabinets and you will feel it in your back after a little while.

For your regular work areas, the overhang should be about 4 inches (approximately 10cm). As for any dining areas, you need to make sure that you have enough space for your legs. For the most part, sitting areas are located around the kitchen island. It’s normally only on the one side which means that the overhang can be about 12 inches (approximately 31cm) on one side and the usual 4 inches along the opposite side.

If you are unsure about where you need a larger overhang, it’s best to ask a professional. Your granite worktop supplier will be able to measure and advise on the best choices for your kitchen and lifestyle.