Benefits of granite worktops

When building a new kitchen or carrying out renovations, one of the main things to consider is the countertops or worktops.  With so many different materials to choose from, it can be a difficult choice to make.  Granite worktops have proven to be one of the most popular choices of all.

Granite worktops might cost you more than other worktops but it’s not without good reason.  Granite is extremely tough which means that they will last a lot longer than other materials such as wood, tile or laminated surfaces.  Granite is very difficult to scratch and resistant to heat, which means that you can place hot objects on the surface without damaging it.

Granite worktops are available in various colours and shades which means that it’s easy to find a model to suit every kitchen colour scheme.  They look great in both modern and traditional style kitchens which means that there is no need to completely remodel your entire kitchen just to suit the style of your new granite worktops.  Simply choose a colour and style that looks best with your current design and have the worktops changed out.

Like any other countertop material, granite can be cut to size and ordered according to your specific needs.  You can also use granite as a worktop on your kitchen island for a durable serving and dining area.  If finances don’t allow for all granite worktops throughout the kitchen, a portion can be done in granite – say, an area for food preparation or next to the hob – and the rest with another material.