Kitchen versus bathroom worktops

Both bathroom and kitchen worktops need to be as durable as possible. That said, these two different parts of your home mean that the worktops in each room need to fulfil some different requirements.

In your kitchen, the worktops might have limited exposure to water. It will more likely come into contact with cutlery and food. Spills may occur which means that these worktops need to be strong and they should be sealed regularly as well.

Your bath and body products in your bathroom are also likely to spill. Even if only on occasion, substances like lotions and toothpaste can seriously affect the appearance of your stone worktops. Given the large amount of water in your bathroom, it’s good to opt for stone worktops that are not too porous. In addition, you can also seal them regularly to keep them in top shape.

Kitchen worktops are also notably larger than bathroom counters. For this reason, you might feel inclined to opt for a higher quality, more expensive type of stone. The one important point to remember is that, no matter the type of stone you choose, it’s important to follow the right care instructions.