Stone Worktops Backed by Impressive Warranties

When investing in something as important as natural stone worktops, it’s easy to understand why property owners are always looking for the best. Nothing underlines the quality of a product more than the warranty offered by the supplier. This is why it is important to ask about different product warranties and any conditions that may apply.


The first thing you will need to determine before choosing a particular type of stone is just how long the warranty will last. Some warranties apply for about 25 years whereas other stone surfaces are backed by lifetime warranties. It depends on the type of stone as well as the supplier.

What’s covered

Be sure to ask your stone supplier exactly what will be covered by the warranty. There might be some exclusions and it’s important to understand any possible exclusions before placing your order. For example, intentional or accidental damage caused by etching or chips may not fall under the warranty terms.

Proper care

The warranty may stipulate that your stone needs to be cared for in a particular way. Some warranties may no longer be valid if the stone is not cleaned with the appropriate cleaning products, for instance. It is very important that you follow these instructions to the letter.

Keep documentation

Finally, don’t forget to hold on to any and all documentation related to the purchase, installation and the warranty itself. Should you need to claim from the warranty, you will be required to produce proof of purchase.

Depending on your long-term goals for your property, the type of warranty that accompanies your stone surfaces can be a major deciding factor. So, while one type of stone might look great, it might not be backed by such an impressive warranty.