How to look after your Limestone worktops

Limestone is a wonderful natural stone that can be fitted in various parts of your home. Due to the manner in which it is formed, you might even be fortunate enough to notice fossils embedded in your limestone worktops! Now, as durable as they are, if you want to enjoy them for as long as possible, you do need to give them some special care.

Limestone is known to be fairly porous so you need to apply a quality sealer as soon as you have it installed. Penetrating sealers offer the highest amount of protection. If you do spill something on your limestone worktop, you should clean it up quickly in order to prevent it from penetrating the surface and leaving a stain. Yes, the sealer will prevent initial penetration of substances but if you let a spill sit for too long, it can leave its mark.

When cleaning your surfaces, you should use a pH neutral cleaner. Ask a specialist regarding the particular products that they recommend if you are unsure. Limestone is known to be sensitive to acidic solutions so, if you spill lemon juice, tomato juice or similar substances on your counter, you should clean it up immediately. Bleach should never be used to clean limestone surfaces.

Although tough, limestone is not immune to heat and the sharp end of your knife. Place hot pots and pans on heat resistant boards and use a cutting board for food preparation. Remember that it is much easier to avoid damage than trying to repair it later. You might need to reseal the surface from time to time and you should avoid leaving materials that tend to rust or leave chemical residue on your limestone surfaces.