How to give your granite worktops a new finish

The main advantage of choosing natural stone worktops for your kitchen or bathroom is their durability. Natural stone is not only elegant and sophisticated but it is also meant to last you a lifetime. Of course, during this lifetime, you might accidentally scratch, stain or dull the surface. This is not the end of the world since, due the nature of the stone, there are ways in which you can get that brilliant finish back.

Natural stone can be polished from time to time in order to give it that brand new look and feel. The process of doing so is somewhat detailed and complex which is why so many homeowners prefer to call in an expert rather than attempt the job themselves. In addition, specialised tools and products are needed in order to get the job done.

The process involves lightly spraying the surface with water before lightly polishing the affected area. Polishing removes the top layer of the stone so you need to be careful not to polish for too long. You will need to use various grit polishing pads and gradually blend the one into the other so that you can blend the polished area with the surrounding parts of the stone. The resin pad needs to be used to shine the stone and blend it in with the rest of the stone surface. Finally, you will need to apply a polishing compound and polish until you reach the desired result. You might need to repeat this step to perfect the finish.

This process is time consuming and requires a fair amount of expertise. However, it’s worth investing in instead of living with less than perfect worktops or replacing them for new ones when all they need is a little touching up.