How to install quartz worktops

When preparing to mount your quartz worktops yourself, it is important to be properly prepared. Proper preparation and having all the right tools on hand will make your job that much easier and allow you to work faster.

Your cabinets need to be made of a reinforced and sturdy material. Strong materials are needed in order to properly support the weight of the quartz. Your quartz supplier should be able to make some excellent recommendations if you’re unsure.

Get at least one other person to help you with the installation. These slabs are heavy and you will need all the muscle you can get!

Have such tools as your drill, screws, masking tape, spirit-level, clear silicone and installation kit all handy. You will also need to have your natural stone care kit on hand for use immediately after installation.

Remove any cabinet doors and fixtures like taps before you begin. Turn your water off and prepare to reconnect once everything is in place. Reinforce your cabinets with wooden battens if necessary before positioning your worktops. Before securing anything in place, make sure that all of your fixtures (sink, taps, hob, etc) all line up. Make sure that your worktops are level and make any necessary adjustments now while you can. Fit all of your fixtures and use silicone where necessary to secure them in place.

Use the special glue in the installation kit to secure your worktops in place and follow all of the instructions to the letter. Once set in place and after the glue has dried, you can then use your care kit to seal and perfect the appearance of your worktops.