Choosing the Right Colours for a Warmer Kitchen

When it comes to colour schemes, there are two main types of colours – warm and cool. Cool colours include green and blue. Examples of warm colours include red, orange, and yellow. So, if you want to create a warm environment in any part of your home, you need to choose warm colours. Remember, each colour comes in different shades which means that you have even more choices.

When selecting the perfect worktops for that warm kitchen, you could start with a neutral base and focus on accents instead. This will make it that much easier to update the colour scheme when you feel like a change.

A monochromatic colour scheme makes use of the same colour in different shades which is what makes it such an easy colour scheme to work with. Alternatively, you can use colours that are located opposite one another on the colour wheel. Examples include purple or blue and yellow.

You can also choose between dark and light worktops. If you have light cabinets, you can create a lovely contrast with darker worktops. Similarly, dark cabinets look wonderful with light worktops.