How is granite processed

Granite is one of the most popular of all natural stones. It can be seen in homes and commercial properties around the world. While the finished product looks amazing, many people do not realise the steps involved in ensuring that perfect final result.

When you place your order for new granite worktops, you will need to provide your supplier with accurate measurements. These measurements are then used in order to cut the granite slabs to the appropriate size. Since it’s so important to make sure that your worktop is the perfect fit, many people agree that an expert should take the measurements on your behalf.

It’s not only about cutting the slab to the correct size, but also cutting the appropriate holes for things
like the sink, drainer, and any other fixtures. Once complete, the edges are filed and shaped according to the wishes of the client. There are various ways to shape the edges and it comes down to personal preference in most cases. The stone can also be honed or left as is. Again, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Once ready, the worktop can then be installed. Professional installation is best since this ensures a perfect fit and alignment. Not to mention the fact that these worktops are heavy. Once the installation is complete, the surface should be cleaned with clean water and a soft cloth, left to dry, and a sealant should be applied to prevent damage and stains.