Why granite slabs are so unique

One of the main reasons why people choose granite over any other natural stone is the fact that they are each so unique. Each slab has its on pattern which means that homeowners do not need to worry about their worktops looking identical to those of their neighbour or friend. What you might be wondering is just how this stone achieves such a unique appearance.

Granite is formed naturally and it is not engineered. Engineered stone is made using a kind of template to create the illusion of a random design. In natural stone, the proximity to the surface will influence the colour of the stone. For example, if the stone is closer to the surface, it will be dark in appearance whereas stone formed lower down is lighter in colour.

The mineral composition of the stone will also determine its textures and hues. Some of the slabs also contain metal deposits. These deposits are responsible for creating those distinct and unique vein patterns.

In short, the depth at which the stone is formed and the mineral composition of the soil determine the colour, pattern, and texture of the granite stone. Since this environment is not controlled, it means that each slab will be different from the next.