Classic or contemporary kitchen designs

When you update select parts of your kitchen, you can create a very distinct classic or contemporary style. For example, if you have classic shaker style cabinet doors, you can give your kitchen that modern twist by adding the right natural stone worktops and modern appliances.

There are a number of things that you can mix and match in the kitchen. Your cabinet doors are a good example of this. If you have a kitchen island, you could use a certain type of cabinet door style for your main worktop area. For the island, you could choose cabinets in a contrasting colour. Remember, just because your cabinets are contrasting colours, you can still choose a worktop colour and style that will suit both of these styles so that there is some kind of uniform appeal to the décor.

Classic kitchens often make use of warmer colours so your worktops might have a slight tinge of brown or off-white. A more modern style calls for striking colours like charcoal or black, chrome, and even white. Worktop colours that best suit this style include dark grey or black and light grey or white with dark grey veining. There are even some types of stone with a hint of green or blue which could suit your kitchen even better.