Granite or Quartz for bathroom worktops

Quartz and granite manufacturers will each market their product as being the best for your bathroom. While both worktops are made of natural stone, granite is 100% natural while quartz is 97% natural. Each has its own pros and cons which will obviously impact your choice in materials.

Both of these stones are extremely elegant and will make your bathroom look like a million bucks. While granite has more of a veined appearance, quartz surfaces look like there are little stones embedded in the slab. As for colour choices, both offer wonderful varieties to suit the size, style and colour scheme of your bathroom.

The cost of both granite and quartz tends to fluctuate depending on the country of origin and transport costs involved in getting the product abroad. In both cases, you will need to be prepared to invest a fair amount of your remodelling budget in worktops but the investment will pay off in terms of durability and an increased property value.

One benefit of quartz is that it will never need to be sealed. Granite, on the other hand, will need to be sealed upon installation and resealed over time. Granite is known for its natural imperfections and this often adds to its appeal. In a kitchen setting, quartz is known to be more durable. However, your bathroom worktops will not be tried and tested quite as much as those in your kitchen so granite is a perfectly suitable choice.