Avoid paying too much for natural stone worktops

Natural stone worktops are often associated with higher prices than other, inferior materials. In their defence, they are far more durable than many other softer materials and they give any room that desirable touch of class and elegance. With all of the advantages in mind, it can be easy to feel like you should pay a fairly steep price for these worktops. That said it’s good to know what to look for in a supplier.

When shopping around for the right stone and the right price, you should pace yourself and take the time to research each supplier. As with any product, the more hands involved, the higher the price usually is. In other words, if you are buying directly from the wholesaler, you will normally get a better deal than those offered by your average retailer.

Take a look at the reputation of each stone supplier. Find out what others have to say about the quality of their products, their professionalism, and any other factors that could justify spending slightly more. Remember that even two similar stones can differ as far as quality is concerned. Take note of the origin of the stone as well as its type, colour, and veining in order to determine its true value. The rarer the stone, the higher the price. Likewise, the tougher the stone, the more you can expect to pay. Avoid paying too much by setting your budget with realistic expectations and take your time to shop around and visit showrooms.