What To Do When Quartz Worktops Crack

When you notice a crack in your quartz worktops, you might be tempted to call for an urgent replacement. Before you do so, take a moment to determine whether it’s a crack or a fissure. Cracks usually appear around stress areas like around the sink. Fissures, on the other hand, occur naturally.

It’s a good idea to pay close attention to your worktops and watch for any signs of damage. Cracks are usually much wider than fissures and, therefore, are of greater concern. If the crack is not too severe and does not greatly reduce the stability of your worktops, then repairs can be done.

You will need to take into account the location of the crack before choosing an appropriate sealer. If you are filling a crack along the horizontal surface of your worktops, then a thin glue filler will be best. However, if the crack is located along the side of the worktop, you will need a thicker glue or it will most likely end up all over the floor.

You will also need to take the time to clean the cracked section properly and make sure that there’s no dirt or debris hiding inside. Once the area is prepared, it’s time to fill and allow the glue to set. You can then smooth it all over with a razor blade to ensure a perfectly smooth finish. Another great tip to remember is to apply your glue in layers rather than all at once. If you use layers, it will yield better, stronger results.