Benefits of polished stone worktops

You have chosen your perfect floor, cabinets, fixtures, and natural stone worktops. You think that all your decisions are made but there’s one more that you may not have thought of yet – whether or not to request polished stone.

The two most popular options for natural stone worktops are polished or honed. A brushed finish is another option and, no matter which one you choose, it’s important to understand the benefits of each. Polished stone worktops are a joy to behold and they can make any room look extraordinary.

Polished stone worktops have a smooth feel to them since they are buffed using fine abrasives. The smooth surface also gives the stone a luxurious shine and some say that it helps make the stone less porous. No matter what type of finish you choose, always remember to seal your stone worktops after installation and conduct a water test regularly to check for any patches where the seal may not be as effective as it should be.

The main advantage of this type of finish is its beauty. It’s important to understand that polished stone requires more regular cleaning since fingerprints and dust may show up more easily. That said, if you opt for a lighter shade (rather than black), you will enjoy superb results and you won’t need to worry about wiping your worktops several times a day. Since the surface is smooth, wiping up spills is also really easy and you don’t need to worry about pieces of fabric or paper towel being left behind. It’s much like cleaning a window in terms of texture.

So, when you want to install worktops and you’re deciding on the right finish, consider your needs as well as the style of your home. Choose the shade of stone that will require minimal maintenance and you’ll love that polished finish for years to come!