The best stone for fire hearths

When selecting the right fire hearth, it’s important to make sure that the material you use is noncombustible. This is why natural stone is such a popular option. Not only will stone fail to burn, but it is also durable and elegant. With so many types of stone from which to choose, you might not know what type of stone to use.

Slate Fire Hearths

As a sedimentary stone, slate is known for being extremely durable and, as such, suitable for use as a fire hearth. This stone is available in various shades including black, grey, red, and dark green. There are even some multi-coloured options. Slate is less expensive than granite but it is recommended for use around gas or electric fires. This is because wood fires create far more heat and slate might not hold up quite as well.

Granite Fire Hearths

Granite is more expensive than slate but it is still considered affordable for fire hearths. This stone is known for being tougher than slate which means that it can be used with gas, electric, and wood fires. Granite is known for being available in more colours and patterns than other types of natural stone. This means that you have far more options available to suit your décor. You can choose between polishing the stone or you can leave it as is for a more natural appearance.

When you want your fireplace to look its best and protect your floor from damage, natural stone is the way to go. Easy to clean and always elegant, natural stone will also add value to your home.