Benefits of granite for your bathroom

Your bathroom might not sound like a major selling point of your home and, in many cases, home owners don’t invest much in terms of bathroom décor.  That being said, this is one room that will either leave your guests impressed or reluctant to return for another visit.

Unlike your kitchen, your bathroom countertops are unlikely to hold anything more than soap, health and beauty products and perhaps a decorative item like a vase of fresh flowers or a scented candle.  There might not be any need for your worktops to be resistant under pressure but you also wouldn’t want to choose something that absorbs water and other microscopic properties.

In addition, by investing in a durable surface like granite, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time.  You may pay more now but, since you won’t be replacing them in a hurry, they will more than pay for themselves in the years that follow.  You can also be sure that they won’t date or go out of style in the mean time and, if you choose a light, neutral colour, you can make design and colour scheme changes to your bathroom as often as you like without touching those countertops!

Granite is extremely attractive and, while it gives your bathroom that touch of elegance, it is also perfect for maintaining a sanitary environment.  Granite is really easy to keep clean and it will actually shorten the amount of time you spend regularly cleaning your bathroom.

Think of granite countertops in your bathroom as an investment.  Not only will you enjoy the benefits right away but you will add value to your home if and when you eventually do decide that it’s time to sell.