Benefits of slate worktops

The choices are seemingly endless when it comes to choosing your new kitchen worktops.  One option that you might be considering is slate.  Slate is an interesting option in that it contains a combination of materials like quartz, chlorite, muscovite and pyrite.  While you may have seen slate used in flooring and roofing, it should not be ruled out as a fantastic worktop option.

Slate, contrary to what some may think, is not just available in a single colour.  It is available in various shades of grey as well as purple, green and cyan.  The surface can also be oiled if you want a more glossy appearance.  

With slate, you are sure to have unique worktops since no two pieces are the same and some even contain certain fossils.  It’s such a simple way of giving your kitchen an unusual and exclusive look that every home owner dreams of.

Unlike many other stone products, slate is not very porous and has a low level of absorption.  This means that the surface is resistant to stains.  It is also warm to the touch and resistant to heat.  So, while it might cost more than some other worktops, it will last a lot longer and you will get your money’s worth. 

In terms of maintenance, light scratches can easily be wiped away.  Slightly deeper scratches can be done away with by sponging the surface down whereas wet steel wool works wonders on deep scratches.