Choosing the Right Stone for your Kitchen Backsplash

There are a number of practical and aesthetic aspects to consider when planning a new kitchen or redesigning an existing one. Apart from flooring, furniture and worktops, you also need to choose the right backsplash. It might not sound like such a big deal but the right backsplash can make all the difference. Here are […]

How to Choose the Right Stone for your Home

When investing in stone features in your home, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right type of stone for each purpose. This will ensure that you choose the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing option to suit your needs. So, before placing your order, here are a few points to consider. Where will the […]

Why Quartz is Great for Commercial Settings

Commercial settings need to look their best in order for business owners to create the right impression. With quartz, you can do just that. Here is why you should choose quartz for your business. Both large and small businesses can benefit from this investment. Easy to maintain Quartz is known for being scratch, stain and […]

Quartz Worktop Care Tips You Need to Know

If you have quartz worktops in your home, it’s important that you know how to care for them. Proper care will keep these surfaces looking great for as long as possible. In the short term, proper care will help ensure that you enjoy the use of your worktops. In the long term, these surfaces will […]

What You Need to Know about Quartz

When selecting worktops for your kitchen or bathroom, it is important to make sure that you know as much as possible about this type of stone before you have it installed. Here are some of the most important facts regarding quartz. Durable and man-made Quartz is known and loved for its durable nature. While most […]

Factors to Help You Choose the Right Type of Stone Worktops

When choosing stone worktops for your home, there are a few important questions that you will need to ask. Here are the main factors that will help you determine what type of stone is right for you and your budget. Appearance and style Colour, pattern and finish are important in this regard. Some types of […]

Choosing Worktops for your Kitchen

If you want to install new worktops in your kitchen but you don’t know where to start, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each option. There are plenty of choices out there and there is no ‘one size fits all’ option. Here are some choices as well as their pros and cons […]

Cleaning Tips for Different Stone Surfaces

Different types of stone worktops require varying degrees of care. If you are not sure how you can best take care of your surfaces, here are some cleaning tips for granite, quartz and marble worktops throughout your home. Granite surfaces Keep your granite worktops clean by cleaning daily with a mild mixture of dish washing […]

Choosing Vanity Worktops for your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one room in your home that might be frequented by your entire family as well as guests. This is all the more reason why hygiene is so important. In order to maintain a hygienic environment and to make your bathroom easy to clean, you may want to consider natural stone worktops. If […]

Choosing the Style of your Kitchen Island

If you are considering installing a kitchen island, it is important that you choose the right style. There is no single style that suits every home. This is why you need to consider as many options as possible before making your choice. L-shaped islands This type of island consists of two adjoining cabinets that run […]