What You Need to Know about Quartz

When selecting worktops for your kitchen or bathroom, it is important to make sure that you know as much as possible about this type of stone before you have it installed. Here are some of the most important facts regarding quartz.

Durable and man-made

Quartz is known and loved for its durable nature. While most types of natural stone are praised for being tough, quartz takes it to a whole new level. Unlike natural stone, quartz is man-made by combining natural quartz with a resin. This resin makes for a strong bond and it also means that they are not porous. So, there is no need to worry about stains.

No sealing required

As previously mentioned, the resin component of these stone slabs mean that they are not porous. You will need to seal other types of natural stone and re-seal them regularly. Quartz never needs to be sealed which is also great news in terms of hygiene.

Made to order

Natural stone slabs are sourced from nature. This means that they offer unique beauty. Quartz, however, makes it easy to order according to your needs and preferences. Customers can place an order for more specific colours and designs.

If you want stone worktops that are easy to care for yet they will add elegance to the room, you should certainly consider quartz worktops. Remember, just because it’s tough does not mean that these surfaces do not require some care. Ask your stone specialist for professional advice before choosing the surfaces for your home.