Choosing the Right Stone for your Kitchen Backsplash

There are a number of practical and aesthetic aspects to consider when planning a new kitchen or redesigning an existing one. Apart from flooring, furniture and worktops, you also need to choose the right backsplash. It might not sound like such a big deal but the right backsplash can make all the difference. Here are the top three factors to consider when selecting the backsplash for your kitchen.

Types of stone

You will notice that there are several types of stone from which you can choose. Quartz is available in a wide selection of colours and it is particularly durable. It is also non-porous which is certainly an advantage. Marble is more affordable than most people realise but it does need to be sealed regularly to prevent stains. It is also great if you want a heat-resistant surface. As for granite, this tough stone is not as porous as marble but will still require regular sealing. Both marble and granite are great if the area will be exposed to high temperatures. Quartz is not known for being particularly heat-resistant which is why you should keep this in mind when making your choice.

Slab or tile?

A slab will create a seamless appearance and it also makes cleaning a lot easier. Since you have fewer pieces to install, you can also expect the installation process to be quicker and easier. As for tiles, there are far more design options from which to choose as well as different sizes. So, it depends on what exactly you are looking for at the end of the day.

The best finish

Stone can be finished in a number of ways. From smooth and shiny to matte or honed, each offers its own benefits. Textured stone will be a bit tougher to clean but it also adds depth to your kitchen décor. Again, like the slab or tile question, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s all about personal preference and how much maintenance you are prepared to perform.

Remember, your natural stone provider will be able to offer you the best information and advice based on your needs and personal preferences. Take the time to discuss all your options with a professional before placing your order.