Choosing Vanity Worktops for your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one room in your home that might be frequented by your entire family as well as guests. This is all the more reason why hygiene is so important. In order to maintain a hygienic environment and to make your bathroom easy to clean, you may want to consider natural stone worktops. If you are not sure what types of stone to use, here are the pros and cons of each type.


Marble is a beautiful natural stone and it is known for maintaining a cool temperature. It is also excellent for giving a smaller room a more spacious appearance. To clean, all you need to do is wipe these surfaces with a soft, clean cloth on a regular basis. You can use a mild detergent but make sure that it is suited for use on marble. On the downside, marble is more porous and can stain fairly easily. This can be prevented if you seal these surfaces regularly. Since it is on the softer side, scratches may also occur. If they do, you should have them polished or buffed out as soon as possible before re-sealing the area.


This type of stone is especially durable and it is popular in many rooms throughout the home. They are easy to maintain and they are also extremely heat resistant. There are various types of granite from which to choose. If you are on a budget, you can opt for cheaper varieties. That said, the cheaper the stone, the more inferior the quality might be. Like marble, granite is also porous and will need to be sealed. It is also not completely immune to damage so you will still need to exercise some caution around these surfaces.


These surfaces are different in the sense that they are not completely natural and there is a man-made element to them. Quartz particles are combined with resin to create these worktops. They are available in just about every colour imaginable and, thanks to the resin, they are known for being naturally resistant to water and stains. They are perfect for preventing bacteria from making itself at home in your surfaces. They are easy to clean and extremely durable too. Unfortunately, they are also known for being heavy and they are known for being prone to weathering over time. The seams of these slabs are also more visible than those of natural stone varieties with natural veining patterns.

These are the top three choices in bathroom worktop materials. Sure, you could choose something with a wood or laminate finish but it won’t be long before water and humidity cause the wood to swell. In areas where water is such a significant factor, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to ensure your worktops, furniture and fixtures will withstand such conditions.