What is polished natural stone?

When you install natural stone worktops in your home, you will likely come across the option of having the stone polished. It is important to understand exactly what to expect when ordering polished stone.

Polished natural stone has a lovely smooth finish and a glossy appearance. When the stone is polished, it adds extra protection that helps protect your worktops against stains. On the down side, the reflective nature of the smoothed surface does mean that it is more susceptible to scratches.

Another advantage of polishing your stone surfaces is that they will only need to be sealed and resealed on occasion. Honed or unpolished natural stone is more porous and will need to be sealed on a far more frequent basis.

That said, it is important to always wipe up spills immediately since certain substances can dull or etch the surface. Water and a stone safe cleaning solution should always be used to clean any kind of natural stone surface. You should never use any kind of abrasive cleaning substances. Only use soft sponges and clothes for cleaning or you may end up scratching your worktops. With the right care, polished natural stone will look amazing for years.