Why is marble perfect for baking

When it comes to baking, it’s important to have all the right cooking equipment. What some people may not know is that your work surface also plays a huge role in the baking process. The right work surface can make all the difference and this is why so many bakers prefer marble.

Marble has a wonderful way of absorbing heat from the dough when kneading and rolling. The marble surface absorbs the heat from the dough which means that this helps prevent the butter in the dough from melting. In other words, your dough will not get flaky like it does on other surfaces. Flaky dough is very difficult to roll out which is why professional pastry chefs prefer marble.

Even if you don’t choose marble for your entire kitchen, you can still add some marble for baking. Many people include various types of surfaces in their kitchen due to practicality, price, and style. Marble will add elegance to your kitchen along with value and your stylish addition will also make your kitchen your new favourite room!