Tips for choosing between quartz and granite

Choosing between granite and quartz can be tougher than it sounds. Both of these types of stones are beautiful and they each offer a number of benefits. Understanding how these stones differ from one another is an essential step in the decision-making process.

Quartz is man-made which means that the patterns and colours can be created. Granite, on the other hand, is a natural stone and no two slabs are alike. This adds to the beauty and appeal of this type of stone since you can be sure that your worktops will be truly unique.

Since quartz contains resin, it is somewhat more susceptible to burns. A hot pot will leave a mark on your granite worktops but it will cause more damage to quartz than granite. In both cases, it’s always best to avoid placing hot items directly on the work surface.

Chopping directly on a granite or quartz worktop will have more of an immediate effect on your knives than on the worktops. That said, these stones are not immune to scratches and chips which is why it’s advised that you always use a chopping block.

If stains or bacteria are your main concerns, then you might prefer quartz since this type of stone worktop is not porous and less prone to absorbing spills. That said, sealing your granite worktops on a regular basis is also a great option if you prefer granite.