What makes people reluctant to update their kitchen

While some might think of a kitchen upgrade as an exciting venture, there are those who don’t quite share their enthusiasm. If you or somebody you know is on the fence about a kitchen remodel, here are some of the most common concerns.

Finances are often considered an obstacle but the good news is that your remodel need not cost a fortune. If you notice such problems as mould, a remodel is in fact an investment in your health and, when you choose natural stone worktops, you are also investing in the value of your home.

Some homeowners wonder whether it’s worth investing if they are planning on selling. While it can add great value to your home and help you up your asking price, it’s also a good idea to consider saving the remodel for your new home. Ask your realtor for an estimate on how much a remodel would really up the asking price and the compare this to the cost of the upgrade itself.

Finally, many homeowners feel overwhelmed with all their choices in terms of worktops, cabinets, fixtures, and flooring. Not everything needs to be changed in order to transform your kitchen. You could just as easily replace the worktops, update a few old fixures and perhaps replace your flooring if it’s looking particularly worn. This is also a great way of spending less and getting so much more!