Granite worktops and how to make your choice

When choosing granite worktops for your kitchen, bathroom or other surfaces in your home, there are three main factors to consider. By taking the time to really consider all of these factors, you will make a choice that you will enjoy for many years to come.


Granite comes in various colours including beige, brown, pink and grey. If you are looking for a more dramatic design, you should consider a black and white slab. These two colours make the perfect modern contrast that will set your home apart from all the rest.


Some colours are available in a solid variety without any veining. Plain white is rare but you shouldn’t have trouble finding shades like grey or charcoal. Marbled and speckled designs are also available. The best thing to do is take a look at the various designs to figure out which one you like the most.


Now for the finish – there are several options. Polished granite is less porous while a honed finish will ensure that it is smooth and non-reflective. If you want a less porous stone without losing any of the natural features, ask about a leathered finish.

No matter the colour, pattern or finish you choose, make sure that you order quality granite and ensure that it is sealed after the installation is complete. You will also need to re-seal these surfaces on a regular basis to ensure continued protection.