Spring – time for those renovations

During the months of winter, we do not usually feel the need to renovate or redo any of the rooms in our home. When spring arrives, however, it tends to awaken a new energy
inside of us and this is when so many people choose to make some significant changes. Kitchens and bathrooms are most often the rooms that are first to be renovated. Not only is this done for style reasons, but also the fact that these are parts of your home that are often frequented by your guests and you want to create a good impression.

Kitchen renovations

When renovating your kitchen this spring, there are several things to consider. Take a look around and establish anything that does not need to be removed, replaced, or
refinished. You will most likely want to keep your appliances and your flooring might still be in excellent shape. If your cabinets are still in fairly good condition, you might only want to have the doors and worktops replaced to give the room a fresh new look. Stone worktops will most definitely transform this room instantly. Make sure that you inspect your cabinets to make sure that they are suitable for stone worktops and able to support the weight. Ask a professional if they need to be replaced or possibly reinforced
before placing your stone order. If you are planning on replacing your floors, this is something you will want to do first. That said, you should select all of your colours and patterns before you purchase anything.


Just like your kitchen, you can take one look at your bathroom and you should know what needs to go and what may stay. If your bath or shower is looking old and worse for wear, it can make your bathroom appear grubby and unclean. If your cabinets are showing signs of water damage, these should be replaced too. While you’re at it, you should consider replacing those worktops with something more luxurious like natural stone. Granite and marble look particularly lovely in bathrooms. They give it that elegant look while maintaining a sense of cleanliness.

In the spring, renovations are that much easier. You do not have to content with poor weather and, it is that much easier to air the room after each day’s work. Dust is an inevitable part of all renovations but leaving a window open or partly open can help relieve this problem.