Choosing a colour and pattern for quartz worktops

Quartz is a very popular type of stone used in various areas of the home. This man-made material is formed by bonding crushed quartz with resin, pigments and polymers. When selecting the colour, texture and pattern for your home, there are a few things to consider.

Think about the future

It’s easy to get carried away with all of the latest designs and fashion trends. However, when selecting a colour for your kitchen or bathroom, you need to think about the future. Do not choose something that will likely go out of fashion within the next five years. The best choice is to opt for a colour that will look good when paired with various other colours. This way, if you do decide to change your cabinets or cabinet doors, you can
give your kitchen a makeover without changing the worktops again.

Get samples

Colours and designs can look very different on a computer screen when compared to the real thing. If you want to be sure or if you want to see how well the colour suits your current kitchen design, you should ask for a few different samples. You can also use a colour wheel to help you select a general colour scheme for the entire room.

Many quartz worktops include a secondary colour which is usually a neutral colour but it can sometimes be a bolder shade. If you choose a bold accent or secondary colour, you will need to complement this colour by including other design elements of this colour elsewhere in the room so that your worktops do not appear out of place. This can limit your design options in the future. A neutral secondary colour is, therefore, a more popular choice for the long term.