How to look after your Slate bathroom

Slate can transform your ordinary bathroom into one of the most elegant rooms in your home. Slate is more expensive than some other options but, if you know how to look after it, it will last for years and your investment will certainly pay off.

Your slate surfaces are usually coated with a sealing agent when they are installed. This may wear off in time and, as a result, your surfaces could take on a kind of “dusty” look. To remedy this, ask a professional about a clear substance or lacquer that can be used on slate to give it back that new look.

Slate should always be cleaned of any debris before you wash it down. Use a soft cloth to do this. Use a different soft cloth to wipe your surfaces down with a mild solution of a stone friendly detergent diluted with water. Remember to wipe in the same direction to avoid streaks and swirl marks. If you notice any soapy build up, wipe down again with clean, plain water.

If you spill something on your slate surfaces, clean it up immediately with paper towels before cleaning the surface as per the instructions above. Remember to avoid scrubbing slate surfaces and never use any kind of acid based cleaner. Some might say that vinegar is great for cleaning but, although natural, its high acid content will damage slate (sealed or unsealed).