Quartz Worktop FAQs

When it comes to replacing your kitchen or bathroom worktops, it’s quite common for homeowners to look for the best products and the most reasonable prices. Quartz worktops are one of the most popular options and, as with any worktop replacement, you are bound to have several questions. Here are some of the most common questions and their answers.

Are they heat resistant?

Quartz is really durable and resistant to heat. While a split second of heat exposure will probably not cause any lasting damage, it’s best to use protective heat resistant boards for all of those hot items. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat will damage any work surface, no matter what it’s made of.

Can chips be repaired?

Chips and scratches are not ideal but they can occur from time to time. For the most part, surface damage can be polished and buffed. Deeper chips and scratches might need to be filled. The good news is that repairs are possible so there’s no cause for concern if you notice a mark here or there.

What kind of maintenance is required?
Quartz worktops are wonderfully low maintenance. Simply make sure that you keep them clean by using regular water and only quartz-friendly cleaners. Avoid scrubbing them and make sure that you seal the surface regularly to prevent stains from taking hold.

Is it worth the price?
When you install quartz, you will be fitting a worktop that will last for many years. Any non-stone worktop has a much shorter lifespan and will require replacement far more frequently. Consider the cost of regular replacement as well as the inconvenience. Now compare this to the once off installation of quartz. It’s easy to see why the latter is the clear winner time and time again!