How to choose the right stone for your kitchen worktops

With so many different types of stone worktops to choose from, redesigning your kitchen will take a bit more thought than you may have realised. The stone you choose will really come down to your personal needs, preferences and budget. Here are some of the most common choices as well as their pros and cons.

This is one of the best choices if your main goals are to create an elegant cooking environment and give the value of your home a boost. Granite is really resistant to heat, available in thousands of colours and will last you the better part of a lifetime. With some proper sealing, there’s hardly any maintenance and is also extremely durable. On the down side, it is rather expensive but prices are coming down. If not sealed, it can absorb stains. If you cut directly on a granite surface, your knives can become dull.

Composite stone
This type of stone consists of 93% quartz particles and is available in even more colours than granite. It is non-porous, resistant to scratches, easy to care for and holds up well against stains and acidic substances. The only real con is the price tag.


Usually dark grey in colour and smooth to the touch. Can be fitted in historic or modern homes. Its rich, deep colour and elegant feel are irresistible. It is also stain resistant but does require regular maintenance and could crack or darken over time.

Normally used in a portion of the kitchen (like an island) and not the entire workspace. It is waterproof, heatproof and absolutely beautiful. Disadvantages include the heavy price tag, the fact that it is porous and can stain easily if not sealed and it can become scratched. Periodic resealing may be required.