How to choose the right granite for your worktops

Granite is known for is aesthetically pleasing aspects as well as its tough and durable nature. Of course, granite worktops are on the higher end of the price scale so you will need to be prepared to pay more for such a quality item. In the end, after enjoying years of use, this kind of worktop will pay for itself. In addition, due to its many positive qualities, it will also add value to your home should you wish to sell.

Now, in terms of choosing the right granite for your worktops, you should make sure that the granite you buy is at least 30mm in thickness. You should also ask about sealing. While granite is tough, it is not immune to stains and sealing it properly and regularly over time, you can protect it from such permanent damage.

All that’s left for you to do is find the right colour and pattern. This is the fun part! Take a look at the style, colour scheme and furniture in your kitchen or bathroom (depending on where you are installing your new granite worktops). If the room is light, you can add a wonderful accent to it and make your granite surfaces stand out by choosing a dark shade for your worktops. The opposite is also true so, if you have dark cupboards then you should use light coloured granite to help brighten the room, make it more spacious and help your surfaces stand out.

Don’t be afraid to take your time, consider all of your options and even ask your friends and family for their opinions. They might notice things that you didn’t and a fresh set of eyes can shed some light on issues you might not have considered before.