Quartz vs Marble for kitchen worktops

If you are redoing the worktops in your kitchen and you are having trouble deciding between quartz and marble, then it’s time to make a list of pros and cons for each. Whichever one you decide on will be completely up to you. You will need to take your personal needs into consideration and choose the material that best fulfils everything on your check list.

Quartz is extremely easy to maintain and it is resistant to acids and stains. It is low maintenance and will not require regular sealing. Due to its impermeable nature, it will not become a breeding ground for bacteria and it generally has a wonderful uniform design as well.
On the down side, it does tend to be pricier than most other natural stones. It is also quite heavy and you will need professionals or several people to install. It doesn’t have a very shiny appearance and you need to take care since it is not very tolerant towards heat.

Marble is a cost effective choice and cheaper than many other types of stones. It has a kind of timeless beauty and a way of brightening up any room. Marble is widely available which results in competitive pricing and it is fairly heat resistant.
This type of stone is particularly porous and prone to stains so you might need to have it touched up regularly. It is also prone to scratching and acidic substances (including foods) can eat away at this kind of surface. If a portion of your marble countertop gets badly damaged, you need to replace the entire countertop rather than simply removing a small section.