Disadvantages of tiled worktops

When you first install your tiled worktops, they might look and feel great. All the tiles are in perfect condition and it’s all spotlessly clean. Not a bad result considering the price, right? Well, there are a number of disadvantages that need to be considered before choosing tiles for your countertops.

Firstly, one of the most common problems is cracking. Even floor tiles and wall tiles are susceptible to cracking and chipping. If you drop something heavy on this kind of surface, you can almost be certain that it will crack. Even the smallest crack can spread over time and this will completely ruin the once perfect finish. The best solution for this problem is removing that tile and replacing it with a new one. That said, over time, this could result in colour differences. The new tile will stand out compared to the older ones.

Another problem is the grouting. These joints are difficult to keep clean no matter how hard you try. The joints will need to be resealed every year or so. In addition, grout joints make it that much more time-consuming to clean. Just think about cleaning a solid slab of natural stone compared to several tiles with joints in between. So, despite the initial attractive price, it will end up costing you more in terms of time and effort. Not to mention the fact that tiles are not as durable as natural stone.