Things you should never do to your stone worktops

Natural stone worktops will give your home an amazing touch of class and you can be sure that your guests will take note of even the finest details. When you have a perfect work surface with just one small flaw, that flaw tends to stick out like a sore thumb. So, while it’s important to understand how to clean and care for your worktops, it’s also good to know what sort of actions to avoid. Remember – prevention is better than cure!

Firstly, you should never cut directly on your countertops. They might be tough and made from stone but you can still scratch them. Not to mention the fact that you will also dull your knives. Always make sure that you use a cutting board and, preferably one with a groove around the edge so that juices don’t spill over onto the stone.

Secondly, no matter how heat resistant you think your surfaces are, you should not place hot pots or pans straight on natural stone worktops. Use special mats, supports, or even wooden boards. Just make sure that, whatever you use, will not conduct heat or become damaged as a result of the heat from the pot or pan.

Finally, never scrub or use harsh chemicals when cleaning. No matter how bad you think the stain might be, you should rather use stone cleaning products. If the stain has penetrated the stone, you might need to cover it up somehow or sand and buff the stain out.