Different edges for your natural stone worktops

Apart from choosing the pattern and colour for your granite countertops, you will also be able to create a unique appearance by selecting the perfect edge. Not only will the edge give your kitchen or bathroom a finished look but it will also help determine the overall style of the room.

Straight edges suit any style ad there are various options to choose from. These edges are slightly rounded. Some of the designs included in this group include bevel, extended bevel, straight and straight with an apron (which is a downward extension of the edge like an extended bevel).

Curved edges are also very popular. Some are fully rounded while others are half rounded. Certain designs also include a curve or even a curve along with a downward extension. They are great for those concerned with little ones bumping their heads on sharp corners and they are stylish too.

There are also some really fancy options that will make any worktop look like a million bucks! Due to the nature of these designs, many cases require a 4cm laminated edge in order to achieve the desired appearance.

Ask your supplier to show you all of the edges they are able to offer. If you don’t find anything that suits your needs and preferences perfectly, then take the next step to ask about custom edges. They might even have images of other custom designs that they have done for previous clients and, who knows, you might find the edge design you love thanks to another client’s order!