Why stone worktops should be professionally installed

When you choose to install natural stone worktops in your home, you might wonder whether or not it’s best to hire a professional. The main point to consider, in this case, is quality and what you want to achieve. A professional installation is not only quicker and easier, but it also yields be best immediate and long-term results. When it comes to the DIY approach, there are several common mistakes that can occur.

Incorrect measurements

Before you place your worktop order, it is essential that you take the time to measure everything properly. If you are buying new cabinets, you need to know the precise measurements so that your stone worktop supplier can make the appropriate calculations. Having your worktop supplier visit your premises and take the measurements themselves is often best because they have plenty of experience. In addition, if the measurements are incorrect, the responsibility falls on them and not you.

Colour versus quality

Many homeowners see a particular design and absolutely fall in love with it before considering all of the necessary factors. This can result in choosing the wrong type of stone for your needs. While one type of worktop might work perfectly in your bathroom, it may not be as suited for another room like your kitchen. So, be sure to find out all of the technical details before making a choice.

A solid base

Your cabinets need to be able to support the weight of the stone worktops. If they are old, warped or worn, they might need to be replaced. A professional will be able to assess the state of your worktops and make the appropriate recommendations. In some cases, you could simply reinforce your cabinets. In other cases, a full replacement is best in order to offer the worktops the support they need. If these surfaces are not properly supported, it can result in serious damage.

Premature installation

As excited as you might be to install your new worktops, just remember that there are possibly other aspects in the room that need to be addressed first. In other words, you need to make sure that your flooring, walls and any other areas that need attention are dealt with first. Once you have installed your worktops, the last thing you want is to have to remove them in order to replace your flooring.

Professional stone worktop installations are undoubtedly the best option. These worktops are made from large slabs of stone which weigh quite a bit. You would need at least a couple of helpers just to lift the stone yourself. Not to mention perform the installation from start to finish. All the more reason to have an expert install your new worktops instead.