How long do granite worktops last?

When you consider the manner in which granite is formed, it’s easy to understand that this particular natural stone should be able to last even longer than just one lifetime. While in its raw state, granite is somewhat shielded from certain elements. In your kitchen, however, it could easily encounter extreme heat, harmful substances or abrasives, and even sharp objects. Which makes many people wonder – how long will your worktops really last?

Provided you seal and care for your granite worktops, they can easily look just as lovely after decades as they did the day you had them installed. If you cut directly on the stone or if you don’t clean up spills right away, it will cause the appearance of your worktops to deteriorate. However, the structural integrity of the stone will not fail quite as easily.

Granite is strong and, even if you do notice a small crack or chip, repairs can be done. You can perform these touch ups yourself or have a professional complete them. This depends on your level of experience as well as the degree of damage. In short, your worktops will hold up but if you do not take care of them, they might not look great after a decade or two. The more time and care you invest in them, the longer they will maintain their natural beauty.