Coastal inspiration for your kitchen design

Giving your kitchen a bit of coastal style could be just what you need to make the room more appealing, inviting and even more spacious. To pick the perfect colour combination, just imagine a day at the beach. Think of the colour of the sky, sand, and ocean as well as the natural fauna and the colours of the beautiful seashells.

Colours and textures are equally important in this type of design. Consider washed and muted tones as well as surfaces with textures that resemble the natural rock and seashell patterns. Your natural stone worktops will play a significant role in achieving the desired look. Some of the most popular colour choices include:


Various shades of white can all work together to create a crisp, clean look. Think about perfectly white shells, sand dollars, and the canvas on a nearby sail boat. The white
of your cabinets will not be identical to the white colour of your worktops and that’s not a bad thing at all. You might want to add a splash of colour somewhere in the room so that it is not completely white.

Neutral shades

Brown, grey and beige are all lovely colours that can represent common beach elements such as the sand, driftwood and even some storm clouds as the weather takes a sudden turn.


Look for muted shades of green that resemble the colour of kelp or beach grass. Muted colours are important because green is not a prominent colour at the sea.


Nautical shades, deep navy colours and watery blues are all suitable if they are used in the right way. Blue floors can look amazing if your cabinets and worktops are white or
off-white. Alternatively, you could use blue worktops paired with white cabinets. The options are almost limitless!

While some might think that an ocean theme is limiting, it’s clear to see that this colour scheme is wonderfully flexible and versatile. If you decide to change the theme
of your kitchen one day, you can easily do so by staining or painting your worktops, replacing your floor or giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. Since your worktops are a considerable investment, you should make sure that the colour and style you choose can suit another theme too.