Keep your high-end worktops beautiful

When you invest in high-end worktops for your kitchen, the last thing you want is for them to get damaged. Although natural stone worktops are known for their durability and strength, they are not immune to wear and damage. Which is all the more reason to take the necessary steps to keep them in top condition.

High-end worktops are known for their distinct patters, colours or waves. Once you find the perfect design, you will be hard pressed to find it anywhere else because of its unique beauty. You will also be reluctant to replace your worktops too soon because of their style and cost. Not to mention the inconvenience of replacing your worktops every few years.

The first rule is to avoid putting hot objects like pans and pots directly on the surface. Hot objects will cause discolouration and you should always use some form of protective support. If you cut fruit, vegetables or anything else on your worktops, you will end up dulling your knives and damaging your worktops. The knives will scratch the surface and the juices from your foods can stain and discolour the stone as well.

When cleaning high-end worktops, you need to take extra special care. Just like any stone surface, you should steer clear of harsh chemicals and abrasives. You should only use clean water and, if need be, you should choose products that your stone worktop supplier recommends.

Sealing your worktops is another important part of high-end worktop maintenance. Sealing these surfaces helps protect them from damage and stains. Ask your stone supplier about the best products for your worktops.