Slate versus marble worktops

When the time comes to choose the best worktops for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the many choices out there. Two popular choices are marble and slate. They both have their pros and cons which is why it’s so important to conduct a fair amount of research while taking the time to consider your personal needs and budget.

When comparing marble and slate, you will find that they have a few things in common. They are both forms of natural stone and they will both improve the elegance and value of your home. They are also both incredibly strong and durable which means that they will more than pay for themselves over the years.

One main difference is that marble is known for being more porous than slate. If this concerns you, it’s good to note that marble, like any natural stone worktop, can be sealed on a regular basis to prevent substances and stains from setting in.

Another significant difference is your choice of colours. They are both available in several dark shades like grey and black. However, slate is not available in light shades whereas marble is. So, if you are looking for white or light-coloured worktops, then marble is the clear choice over slate. If you are happy with a darker colour, then you can consider various other factors like budget before making your decision.