How to sanitize marble worktops

When you think about marble worktops, it’s not uncommon to imagine spending hours on cleaning and maintenance. Thankfully, this is a common misconception and keeping your marble clean is easier than you think!

The first thing to remember is that marble is porous. This means that it tends to absorb substances fairly easily and harsh chemicals must never be used. So, keep bleech and other similar household cleaners far away from marble surfaces or you will ruin the finish.

Instead, start by dusting the surface using a clean, dry cloth. Once fully dusted, use warm water to wipe down the worktops and remember to only use a soft sponge. Don’t scrub or use any hard cleaning sponges. Dry your worktops thoroughly and inspect them for any stubborn dirt. If need be, use some mild dishwashing liquid mixed with water to remove more stubborn marks.

Once clean and dry, apply the appropriate sealand to your worktops. This sealant prevents substances from penetrating your worktops which means that bacteria cannot make a home for itself! If you are working with something like dough and you want to roll the dough out directly on your marble worktop, you can gently disinfect using a small amount of antibacterial dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. Make sure that you wipe down with clean warm water and dry before you place your dough directly on the worktop. Once you are done, wipe up any pieces of dough and flour before they harden on your work surface.