How do you replace kitchen countertops?

Whether you are planning on giving your entire kitchen a make over or your countertops simply need replacing, it is important to know and understand each step involved in making this change. Your countertops are one of the most prominent features of your kitchen and can really make or break the design. Here are some easy steps to follow when it’s time to change them out:

Choose your new material
Choose what kind of countertops you want before you begin work. Measure the size of your countertops precisely and cut them yourself or have them cut to size when you order them. You should have it on hand when you remove the old countertops so that they can be replaced immediately.

Disconnect and remove everything
Turn off your water and gas so as to create a safe working environment before you start. Disconnect the drain under the sink and the garbage disposal too (if applicable). Remove the sink, taps and any other fixed features on your countertops.

Remove the old countertops
Depending on the material that your countertops are made from, you might need help removing them. Laminate varieties are usually bracketed on and fairly easy to remove. Tiled varieties can be lightened by removing the tiles before loosening the brackets that hold the top to the cabinet. Granite countertops are heavy and might break upon removal. In many cases, it’s best to call a professional for this part of the job.

Fit your new countertops
Different types of countertops require different types of adhesive materials, so be sure you have done your research thoroughly or taken professional advice. You should also fix your new countertops firmly in place with brackets and make sure that they are fitted perfectly level, without any gaps. If the y aren’t level, this can cause cracks or warping. Place your fixtures (sink, taps, etc) back in place and reconnect your gas and water.